Fiero Cables, shift and select
Cables, shift and select - replacement or custom length.
The Fiero factory cables were of good quality, high temperature materials.  After many years or service, due to constant use and hot environment, they do wear out and eventually seize.

We have seen different vendors try to reproduce these cables with varying degrees of success.

All of their cables suffer from mechanical failures in a relatively short time due to the high engine compartment temperatures (close proximity to exhaust manifold).

We have purchased and tested their shift cables in trying to find the best possible replacement cables for our use.  None of their cables met our expectations.

After extensive research, we contracted a cable manufacturer specializing in high temperature cable assemblies and are having the WCF cables manufactured to our specifications with upgraded design features.  Destructive heat testing to 700 degrees with a torch directly applied to the cable has demonstrated the durability of the WCF cables.

These are the best cables on the market!
Getrag   5 speed shift replacement cable

(p/n CAGET5-Shift) -

Getrag   5 speed select replacement cable

(p/n CAGET5-Sel) -

Muncie   4 speed shift replacement cable

(p/n CAMUN4-shift) -

Muncie   4 speed select replacement cable

(p/n CAMUN4-Sel) -

Izusu   5 speed shift replacement cable

(p/n CAIZU5-shift) -

Izusu   5 speed select replacement cable

(p/n CAIZU5-sel) -

Automatic   Automatic shift replacement cable.

(p/n CAAUT-shift)

  Custom cable lengths for kit cars or special applications are available.  
  Custom shift cable - add per linear inch above stock cable. $1.50 / in.
  Custom select cable - add per linear inch above stock cable. $1.25 / in.

Fiero replacement shift cable cover.
CF 4 speed, 5 speed and automatic replacement cable covers.

These are factory-type replacement shift and select cable covers. 
The covers are made from ultra high temperature materials. 
They will withstand 400 degrees F. temperatures.

These cable covers come extra long and can be cut to desired length.

These covers can be installed without removing your cable.

Firewall grommets are available upon special request.

(p/n CACOV) - each


Getrag slave / cable bracket (mid-86 to 88)
Larger view
  Clutch slave cylinder bracket and shift cable mount for Getrag 5 speed transaxle.

Fabricated out of half inch billet aluminum, our bracket is by far the strongest, best looking and reliable bracket in the industry.  This is a direct replacement for your stock Getrag bracket.



Getrag slave / cable bracket 




Stainless steel fasteners (set of 5) 



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