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Each of our engine conversions under the "What it takes..." links below contain parts and labor pricing which are only provided as a guideline.  Prices may change due to your particular engine conversion.  Not all parts listed are absolutely necessary for your particular engine conversion.  You can select any items desired for your particular conversion.

V6-204 Cid, 3.4L, Dual Twin Cam, Manual Transmission

Required Parts Qty. WCF Part Number Price
Flywheel - for 1985 to 1987 models 1   $220.00
Stage 3 9-11/16” Bronze Ceramic / Bronze Ceramic Disk 1 set CL91116DCC $346.00
A/C refrigerant line O-Rings 4    
Exhaust Gasket set 1    
Transmission output seals 2    
Clutch pressure plate 9-11/16" 1 CL91116PP $275.00
Kevlar/Kevlar clutch disk 9-11/16" 1 CL91116DCC $346.00
Throwout bearing 1    



Recommended Parts Qty. WCF Part Number Price
1.5" hose clamps- Coolant/Heater system 8    
2.25" hose clamps- Coolant/Engine system 4    
Dogbone and Bracket  1    
High volume fuel pump (51psi@41GPH) 1    
Aluminum subframe bushings (Pre-1988 models) 1 set    
Coil pack bracket 1    
Modified thermostat housing/ coolant fill (core REQUIRED) 1    
Steel braided A/C hose, includes weld-on fittings 1 set    
Steel braided fuel hose, includes fittings 1 set    
Throttle cable assembly bracket with Cruise Control mount 1    
Water pump inlet hose 1    
Wiring Loom -Engine/Transmission/Sensors/ECM 1    
Wiring schematics (customized CAD diagrams) 1    
Modified Shifter Cable Mounting bracket (4-Speed) 1    
Modified Clutch Armature 1    
Modified Fuel Lines 1 set    
Disable Power Steering Pump and Plug 1    
Move Torque Armature to Transmission 1    
Air Intake Hose 1    
Exhaust System 1    
Gas Springs for Decklid 2    
Note: The total recommended parts price depends on the
items selected from the recommended parts list above.

Labor Cost
Remove and Replace engine assy.  
Engine Bay Preparation -subframe, transaxle assy, corrosion control, and painting  
Remove R/H side Deck Hinge  
Cut Battery Box for ECM  
Remove old Torque Bracket on Strut Tower  
Engine Bay Insulation Installation  
Engine assembly installation onto Fiero Cradle  
Engine Installation into vehicle-includes electrical, mechanical, plumbing, and transaxle connection.  
Charge and inspect A/C system  
Service transmission - change fluid w/ new filter  



Required Parts + Labor =  
Required Parts + Recommended Parts + Labor =
Note: Total prices listed can be more or less than the quoted price above, depending on specific customer needs.  

Note: total prices listed can be less than or greater than the quoted above, depending on specific customer needs.

The stock V6, GM 3.4L DOHC engine cars came with the computer installed under the front hood.
Also the 3.4L DOHC hood fuse panel is under the front hood located in the right side--which most of the time is removed. We utilize the stock Fiero A/C and Fuel Pump relays.
Fieros with the 3400 Twin Cam engine installed have full instrumentation utilizing all stock Fiero gages and Main Fuse panel. By integrating the Fiero Main harness and donor 3.4L DOHC harness through our computerized automotive database, we generate CAD schematics specialized for each customer specifications. 

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