Engine Hardware for 60 degree 2.8, 3.1 and 3.4 
WCF Harmonic balancer for 60 degree V6 2.8, 3.1 and 3.4
  This new Harmonic Balancer from the 3.4 engine replaces the 2.8 harmonic balancer on the Fiero engine.

The 2.8 harmonic balancer is no longer available.  This balancer is exactly the same as the 2.8 except that the timing marks are not in the correct position.  We inscribe a new timing mark on the balancer in the correct location and inscribe a TDC marking to avoid confusion with the other marks.

Attempting to copy the timing mark from the old balancer is not recommended.  The old balancer outer ring becomes detached from the inner ring due to age, causing the timing mark to shift. This makes the proper spark timing of the engine incorrect.  This happens more frequently as engines get older.

(p/n EH28HBV6) - Harmonic balancer 


West Coast Fiero high performance Roller Rockers.
  Roller Tip rocker
  West Coast Fiero Roller Tip 1.6 to 1 Rockers will increase the valve lift on your Fiero with minimal infraction on smog.  This will help increase horsepower output of your stock or modified engine.  These rockers will work on your 2.8, 3.1 and 3.4 engines.
    (p/n EH28CAMFRTR) - Roller tip rockers  $189.00
Full Roller Rocker
  West Coast Fiero full roller rockers are available in 1.6 to 1.  These will greatly reduce valve train friction and increase performance and horsepower output.  These will greatly valve float at higher RPM due to less valve train friction and less heat generation than conventional rockers.   
    (p/n EH28CAMFFRR) - Full roller rockers  $332.00
  West Coast Fiero Roller Rocker studs.

We are the ONLY supplier of these hard to find Roller Rocker studs.  These will thread into the stock Fiero head without modifying the rocker arm stud hole. These are 10mm x 3/8" Studs.

When our supply is gone, there will be no more..


    (p/n EH28CAMFRRB) - Roller rocker studs $99.50

Cam / Crank sensor plugs for Camaro 3400 Engine.
  Cam and Crank Sensors are not used in the Fiero conversion.

These plugs will reduce the hassle of having to locate or buy sensors to fill the unused holes.

(p/n EH28CAMCSP) - Cam and Crank plugs 


High Performance Intake Manifold
Larger View
  This Manifold replaces the top half of the Fiero intake manifold, giving you an effective increase of 64% in the intake air flow and efficiency for highly modified V6 and 3.4 engines.

Only slight modifications to electrical are required to accomplish this install.

Stock Throttle cable and cruise cable are used for this installation. Fuel enrichment via Computer Chip or West Coast Fiero Piggy-back computer will be required. O2 gauge highly recommended for tuning fuel delivery. Reverting back to stock is as easy as replacing the old top half of your manifold.

Unit comes shipped in raw aluminum ready for paint or polishing.

(p/n EH28IM34) - High performance intake manifold 


EH28 Fuel enrichment system
  7th Injector Controller and fuel injector (does NOT replace factory ECU).

This enrichment system can be used in various intake systems from larger intakes to Turbo-charging systems.  This enables to control the fuel enrichment of the engine without having to reprogram your ECU, making control of your fuel enrichment simple.

(p/n EH28FES) - Fuel enrichment system   


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