Exhaust Systems

  Pictured at left is our complete Stainless Steel Exhaust System for the Fiero made up from the components on our Headers and Exhaust pages.

Shown are our 60 degree long tube headers and our 2-1/2" exhaust system.

This Exhaust System was designed to replace the stock Fiero system with the minimum amount of plumbing and heat increase in the Engine compartment, with the best possible horsepower gain under these parameters.

This system was originally designed to work with the modified Fiero engines, and other aggressive Fiero engine conversions with larger cubic capacity.

This Exhaust System will work well with Engines which are not 'highly modified', but still want the aggressive sound of a much larger engine.

They work extremely well on semi-stock 2.8, 3.1 and 3.4's, and engine swaps.

10% discount available when purchasing any size complete exhaust system consisting of any header set, Catalytic Converter, and Cat-Back Exhaust System purchased at the same time.

See our Cat-back exhaust system page for complete pricing.

Our 3 inch Cat-back system with Spintech muffler installed with 2" Tail pipes.


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