Exhaust manifold for 2.8 Fiero V6 engines

  As can be seen in the picture above, our WCF stock Fiero manifold looks very close
  to the Fiero stock manifold.  Shown above, the new manifold is connected to the
  stock Fiero "Y" pipe.

  Anyone desiring further performance gains should consider the installation of our
  WCF header systems.


  Our WCF stock Fiero is manufactured using 1-1/2" tubing throughout,  interfacing
  with the stock Fiero "Y" pipe.  The manifold-to-head flanges are 3/8" thick steel.

  The seal between the manifold and the "Y" pipe is accomplished by using a
  seperate exhaust sealing gasket (doughnut), which matches the flange on the stock
  "Y" pipe.  The required doughnut with new flange-to-"y" pipe bolts are supplied.

  Exhaust manifold-to-head mounting bolts may be purchased separately.

  These manifolds were designed to use with your stock "Y" pipe, thereby eliminating
  the need to spend extra money to replace a good "Y" pipe.  At the time of
  installation, you should check the integrity of your "Y" pipe to insure that your "Y"
  pipe is in good condition.


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