2.8 / 3.1 / 3.4 rocker arm engines

"Shorty" exhaust headers
installed view

These headers give your Fiero engine the increased flow to perform as it was designed to perform.   Horsepower increases of up to 5% can well be experienced.

Pictured at left are headers with additional Marmen clamps and additional ceramic coating. 
Header System come as raw metal.   They may be painted with high-temperature paint by installer. 

    (p/n H2834S) - Exhaust header with "Y" pipe (Steel)    $495.00
    (p/n H2834SS) - Exhaust header with "Y" pipe (Stainless)    $795.00
    (P/N HCC) - Ceramic coating    $300.00
  (p/n HHB8x12) - Header bolts (set of 12)    $12.00
  (p/n HMCU) - Marmon Clamp upgrade    $FREE

Please Note:

  It is extremely important that all Exhaust Systems be installed with minimum amount of weight on 
  the header system.  Excessive movement of the engine due to bad mounts, high output engines
  with stock Fiero mounts, can cause excessive engine movement.  This movement can lead to
  excessive strain on the header system and cause cracking to the headers.

  Proper suspension of the exhaust system with minimal stress being placed on the headers from the
  exhaust system, is, therefore of utmost importance.

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