NSX Transaxles

WCF 5 and 6 speed transaxle (1984 - 1988).

installed view
  The transaxles we have chosen are used in street and racing applications and are designed extra heavy duty to handle the abuse of racing.  These are very expensive transaxles with limited availability.  We have found this transaxle to be the least expensive and highest performance solution to keep the overall installation design feasible.

The 5 speed transaxle we offer to retrofit the Fiero is capable of handling more than 500hp.  This transaxle has an adapter to fit the standard front wheel drive GM bell housing configuration as well as the Chevrolet V8 configuration.


  Pricing on the transaxle varies with year and condition of the transaxle.  New transaxles are available from Acura.    
  Parts required to adapt and install the NSX transaxle to your engine conversion.  Transaxle sold separately.
Flywheel 350.00
Clutch 500.00
Axles 900.00
Trans adaptor 400.00
Shift cable 275.00
Cable bracket 50.00
Rear trans mount 65.00
Rear trans Bracket 150.00
Cross beam 150.00
Clutch arm and pivot ball 85.00
Engine mount 65.00
Engine bracket 125.00
Axel bearing carrier mount 240.00
Starter cover 20.00
Mounting bolts (some are special) 75.00


High performance Fiero dual disk clutch
larger view
  More Holding Power for High Output Engines.

This 8 inch diameter pressure plate is designed to work with the higher output engines of 350+ horsepower, where the single disk clutch fails to hold the 350 horsepower.

This dual disk clutch is good for about 700 foot/pounds of torque.

Clutch assembly and custom Flywheel included in kit.

(p/n ) - 8" Dual disk clutch Kit. 



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